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Interlibrary Loans

If the Palmerston North City Library doesn’t own the item you want to borrow, we can sometimes request it from another library. This is called an interlibrary loan or interloan.

Some items you will be able to retain (e.g. photocopies of newspaper or magazine articles), some you will be able to borrow (e.g. most books, scores and CDs), and some must be used only in the library (e.g. theses, microfilm, fragile or rare items). The lending library determines conditions of loan.

When will my item arrive?
This does vary; the item may not be immediately available at other libraries, or we may need to approach more than one library.
What will it cost?
There is a $5 minimum fee for this service. If the charges are to be more than $5 we will check with you first before going ahead. Once an inter-library loan request has been processed, charges will still apply if it is then cancelled or not collected.

If there's an item that you want and we don't have it in the collection, you can put a suggestion in for the library to ask us to buy it!

(if available)
Any information that will help us locate this item. Where did you hear about this item? What was the year of publication? Who was the publisher? etc.
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