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Do you have a vinyl cutter?

Blueprint: The City Library Makerspace has two machines that can cut designs and lettering out of coloured rolls of self-adhesive film to make signs, stickers, decals, labels and masks for painting. There is also heat press film available for pressing onto fabrics like tee shirts or reusable bags.

Cuts rolls of self-adhesive film to make signs, labels and masks. Many different colours are available as well as heat press material for fabrics. The smaller cutters can also cut thicker cardstock and other material besides vinyls.

Bring in your idea for a design and we can set you up with designing software or if you already have a .svg image you can get started straight away.


  • Roland GX-24
  • Silouhette Caemo
  • Crikut


Contact Blueprint Makerspace

Telephone : (06) 351 4100

Email : makerspace@pncc.govt.nz


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