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Do you have a vinyl cutter?

Yes! Blueprint has a number of vinyl/craft cutters available for use. Our Silhouette Cameo machines can cut many soft materials under 2 mm in thickness, but are most often used to cut text and designs into self-adhesive and heat-transfer vinyl. Self-adhesive vinyl is ideal for signs, stickers, decals and painting stencils, while heat-press vinyl can be applied to most fabrics that can withstand ironing. T-shirts and reusable bags are particularly popular! For larger vinyl jobs, we have a Roland GS-24 which can cut significantly faster.

We have a large Poli-Tape heat press for applying heat transfer vinyl to flat items as well as a smaller hand-held one for objects such as hats and bags.

File information

The software that drives the cutters works best with vector files (such as .svg), though other image files can be traced within the Silhouette software. For best results, images for tracing should be black and white, and the highest quality possible.


We stock both self-adhesive and heat-transfer vinyl in a variety of colours. You can buy pre-cut squares, or by the metre if you're working with larger designs or need multiple copies.

  • Self-adhesive vinyl: squares $3 (300 × 300 mm); $16 per metre (600 mm wide).
  • Heat transfer vinyl: squares $4 (250 × 250 mm); $28 per metre (500 mm wide).

You're also welcome to bring in your own materials for cutting, though we recommend allowing for a small amount of extra material so that you can test settings.

Machine information

  • 1 × Silhouette Cameo 3 - 300 mm max. width
  • 2 × Silhouette Cameo 4 - 300 mm max. width
  • 1 × Roland GS-24 - 600 mm max. width. Vinyl cutting only.

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