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Do you have a laser cutter?

Yes! Our laser cutter can cut and engrave different materials such as wood & acrylic up to 6mm thick. We can also cut out shapes in leather & felt.

Bring in your materials and an idea for a design and we can set you up with designing software or if you already have a .svg image you can get started on your project after undergoing a briefing with staff. (Please note: The laser cutter requires staff supervision at all times and so there may be a little wait until someone is available to help you.)

We have a small amount of offcuts for testing but you will need to bring in your own materials for a full project.


  • Epilog Zing 24 (40 watt)

Contact Blueprint Makerspace

Telephone : (06) 351 4100

Email : makerspace@pncc.govt.nz


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