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Do you have a laser cutter?

Yes! Blueprint has two laser cutters which can cut materials such as wood & acrylic up to 9 mm thick. We have also successfully cut soft materials including card, quilting cotton, leather & felt. Laser engraving is possible on many materials, including ones too thick to cut.

We have acrylic and plywood available for purchase or you can bring your own, but please contact us first to make sure the material you plan to bring are safe for use in the laser. Due to limited ventilation, we can't cut or engrave MDF at Blueprint.

Staff can help you get started with design software or if you already have a suitable file (see below) you can get started on your project after a briefing with staff. Please note that laser cutters require staff supervision and so there may be a wait until someone is available to help you.


We normally have 3mm thick plywood and 3mm thick acrylic available.

  • Plywood (3mm): $10 (800 × 600 mm).
  • Acrylic (3 mm): $20 (600 × 300 mm).

We can cut these pieces if you only require a small amount for your project.

File information

  • Vector files are preferred such as .svg, .dxf, .eps, etc.
  • The Epilog uses stroke (line) width to determine whether to engrave or cut. Stroke widths ≤ 0.025 mm are interpreted as cuts; all other marks will be engraved.
  • The Genesis is driven via Lightburn, and different colours are used to identify different operations. For example, red lines might indicate cuts while blue lines can represent line engraving.

Laser information

  • Epilog Zing 24 - 40 watt CO2 laser, 600 × 300 mm work area
  • Genesis G960L - 100 watt CO2 laser, 900 × 600 mm work area

Contact Blueprint Makerspace

Telephone : (06) 351 4100

Email :


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