Timelines.Suburban.Illustrated (Local History Week)

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On display from 1–28 March
View during community library opening hours – Ashhurst, Awapuni, Roslyn, Te Pātikitiki
no registration required.

How has your suburb changed over time? View the displays on offer at Palmerston North Community Libraries to take a journey through time.

Ashhurst Community Library, cnr Cambridge & Bamfield Streets: ///sings.freebie.aquatic | https://w3w.co/sings.freebie.aquatic
Awapuni Community Library, 96 College Street: ///preoccupied.power.competent | https://w3w.co/preoccupied.power.competent
Roslyn Community Library, 8 Kipling Street: ///wisdom.chanted.chirps | https://w3w.co/wisdom.chanted.chirps
Te Patikitiki Community Library, 157 Highbury Avenue: ///secret.shelters.revisit | https://w3w.co/secret.shelters.revisit


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