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Book your child a Read-to-a-Dog session! @ Te Pātikitiki Library in Highbury

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Kids - boost your reading skills the fun way - read to one of our lovely pet therapy dog friends!
(you choose what to read)

Open to school aged children looking to build their reading confidence. On Wednesday afternoons between 3.30 - 4.15pm.

Bookings are essential!

  • Contact us at Te Pātikitiki Library to schedule your 15 minute session:
    Call (06) 357 2108 / Email / or drop by to sign up.

Proudly delivered with the support of Canine Friends Pet Therapy (about Canine Friends Pet Therapy)


You can find Te Pātikitiki, the Highbury Library, at the end of the Monrad Park carpark, 157 Highbury Avenue, Palmerston North.

We have a fantastic warm place with lots of things to do.

We've got all of the PN City Libraries resources available to us (tell us what you need and we'll get it for you).

And also a great playground outside, a huge free car park, free tea and coffee for adults, cold water for the kids, a microwave to heat things up, toilets, a baby changing area, and free computers, scanning to email, and printing/photocopying.

157 Highbury Ave, Highbury, Palmerston North
Ph: (06) 357 2108

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