80th Anniversary of the Cassino Battles, early 1944 (Heritage Month)

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Presented by LTCOL (Retired) Dr Glyn Harper, QSM

Outlining the four battles of Cassino with a particular focus on New Zealand's role in the February and March battle, LTCOL (Rtd) Dr Glyn Harper, QSM, will discuss why the first three battles were costly failures. The talk also covers the controversial decision to bomb the Benedictine monastery on Monte Cassino.  

Co-hosted by RNZE CT/ECMC and PNCL, donations to the RNZE Charitable Trust welcomed and appreciated.

Image: 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Monte Cassino, February-May 1944, War art database warart.archives.govt.nz. Archives Reference: AAAC 898 NCWA 017.

Heritage - Second Floor: ///mixer.went.bracelet | https://w3w.co/mixer.went.bracelet
No registration is required to attend this talk.

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