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Women I wish I’d Met

  • Calendar Icon Saturday, 28 September 2019, 2:00pm – 3:00pm
  • Location Icon Central Library Event Central - Ground Floor


Based on Linda Hansen's YA book The Fire Keeper’s Girls (2018) which was selected for the 125 Women’s Suffrage Site. Presented by Linda Hansen.

Linda has questions for you – and some surprises! She introduces 25 remarkable women from different eras and 25 different countries, including -

* The woman who was Britain’s first astronaut

* The woman responsible for coding the 1st portable computer

* The near-blind ballerina named ‘the greatest dancer of her time’

* The woman mathematician who confounded the academic world

* The woman who initiated planting of 50 million trees in Kenya

* The woman who wrote first about splitting the atom

* The woman with crippling childhood diseases who became ‘the

fastest woman in the world’

* The woman who reached Lhasa, Tibet when entry was forbidden

* The woman who co-wrote many of Jung’s books

* The woman who stood up to the military and got British concentration camps closed – and more.

‘The Fire Keeper’s Girls’ was accepted onto the Women’s Suffrage 125 Site and has been called the book every

woman wishes she had read as a teenager.” Alexia Hilbertidiou (Westpac Women of Influence: Young Leader Award winner 2018)

Linda has a wide range of writing published in NZ and overseas, including four books. See www.lphansen.com. She’s won several creative writing awards, has a Master of Communications and is an NZSA and NZ Storylines member.

The Fire Keeper’s Girls (2018) proved to be the most challenging of Linda’s books so far. It took her months to locate and research the 25 women from 25 countries whose brief biographies appear at the end of the book. Their stories are woven into the Game that her two teenage protagonists encounter when they are sent to a lonely beach to stay with an eccentric woman they barely know. This book, which was accepted onto the Women’s 125 Suffrage Site, expresses Linda’s appreciation for inspiring women everywhere. It’s her third activist novel for teenagers in recent years.

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