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Poetry Writing for Kids

  • Calendar Icon Tuesday, 17 April, 11:00am – 12:30pm


Do you see elephants and unicorns in the clouds? Does it amuse you that nose rhymes with toes? Did you notice that rivers wriggle like snakes?

Perfect. This is the place for you.

Two sessions of ridiculous and serious poetry craziness. Learn the basics of writing a poem as well some advanced techniques. Have fun writing whatever takes your fancy. No grown-ups (well, except for Janet and Sean, who'll be the tutors). No-nonsense focus on writing, with some nonsense and silliness.

All right, a fair amount of silliness. And a dollop of nonsense. Could be fun. Best for ages 9-12. Come to both sessions (session 2 might be more fun, but only makes sense if you come to session one). Limited numbers.

Make sure you email - sean.monaghan@pncc.govt.nz to save yourself a spot.