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Our Changing World: October 2019

  • Calendar Icon Thursday, 10 October 2019, 6:30pm – 7:30pm
  • Location Icon Central Library Event Central - Ground Floor


Combating the global land grab: land violence and land reform in Cambodia
Speaker:| Dr Alice Beban

Over the past decade, shaky financial markets and the threat of high food prices have encouraged a rush of global investment in farmland. Large-scale land acquisitions— called global “land grabbing” by activists —are touted as a vehicle for economic development in poor countries. But these land deals often lead to violent displacement and ecological harm. Sociologist Alice Beban shares her long-term research conducted in Cambodia, one of the world’s land grab hot spots. The Cambodian government recently made headlines for a land reform programme mobilising thousands of volunteer land surveyors to return land to farmers. This presentation lays bare the effects of land grabbing, explores strategies for solving this problem, and shows the surprising links between Cambodian land grabs and our everyday lives in New Zealand.

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