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Intercultural Communication Workshop


With an increasing movement of populations, particularly through globalisation, international migration, and international education, multicultural societies continue to develop in Aotearoa New Zealand.

With cultural diversity there are different values and behaviours displayed in different cultures. These often translate in the way individuals interact and communicate with others from different cultures.

This workshop will look at a range of cultural dimensions which impact on how people from different cultures interact with each other, focussing on interactions within the workplace. Our speaker Dr Franco Vaccarino is a lecturer and a researcher in the field of intercultural communication at the School of Communication & Journalism at Massey University. He is Italian, raised in South Africa and now lives in Palmerston North.

Organised by Network of Skilled Migrants Manawatū. Oroua Room - Central Library ground floor.

Limited spaces. Must RSVP to info@skilledmigrants.org | 022 1004353