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The Great Teddy Bear Drop Off

Donate a teddy bear to be adopted out to a new forever home!

Teddy Bear Sleepover

Do you have some teddies at home that you can't give attention to like you used to?

Why not drop them off at the main desk on the first floor of the City Library so they can be upcycled and adopted at our upcoming school holiday Teddy Bear Sleepover!

Drop off dates are Monday 10th to Sunday 16th September, 1st Floor, City Library.

Must be actual teddy bears, no other stuffed toys will be accepted. No teeny tiny teds or big ginormous ones! (We could have trouble losing the teeny ones and storing the big ones).

Once they have been taken away by our magical upcyclers for a few weeks they will appear again complete with an adoption certificate at the teddy bear sleepover on 5th October where they will be adopted and whisked away to a new forever home!