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Mike King at the Youth Space

Hands up for Hope!

Mike King is coming to Palmerston North! 

For the last 5 years, Mike King through the Key to Life Trust has spoken to thousands of people around the country about mental health and what we can all do to help each other out. Now, he’s bringing I AM HOPE, to Palmerston North as part of a nationwide tour of intermediate and high schools and community groups. 

The message is simple: any of us has the power to be the hope that someone needs when facing bullying, depression, low self-worth, anxiety or any other mental health issues. While the problems many kids face are real and sometimes serious, this 90 minute Session is upbeat, funny, honest and engaging.

Mike will tell his own story of being bullied at school – and becoming a bully himself – then how he became one of New Zealand’s best-known comedians while struggling with mental health issues (which are still part of his life today). He challenges students to see the same behaviours in themselves and their peers, and gives practical advice about how to deal with them.

When? March 20th at 7pm

Where? The Youth Space, corner of Coleman Mall and George Street

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