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Looking for something new to read?

Check out our resources and in-house created lists to find something new to read.

If you are anything like me, you are regularly looking for something new to read. You find an author that you really enjoy and read everything by them. This binge reading may have started in my youth, devouring all the Baby-Sitters Club books, Saddle Club, R.L. Stine, you get the picture. You laugh, you cry, you keep turning the pages because it is so good and you want to find out what is happening next. Before you know it, you have finished all the books by that author and you are left wondering what to read next???

This is where Palmerston North City Librarians are here to help! Many of our staff are avid readers, and are happy to help you find your next read. Some might even say we are book ninjas. We have some tools to help us find your next great read.

Our Librarians have developed some resources to help you find some new books.

Look for our If you like . . . in library. These give suggestions of authors you might enjoy, if, for example, you like Lee Child.

Every month we generate new Selections from our Librarians on our Palmerston North City Library. Additional selections on Books, eBooks & eAudiobooks, Magazines, and Movies & Music are found on separate pages.

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