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The Summer Reading Programme is back at the Living Room of the City!

Ballots are now closed.


E .C. Read’n Summer Reading 2017/18 Our popular Summer Reading Programme is returning for its 21st year! The programme promotes the enjoyment of reading for children aged 4 – 10 years over Summer for readers of all abilities. Our team will assist participating children with their reading and encourage them to talk about what they have read when they report in. We also provide assistance to parents and families in what services the library has to offer them. Children in the programme will earn rewards as they progress and if they complete four report-ins they get to attend our celebratory party with their families.  

When? E.C Read’n Summer Reading Programme starts Monday 27 November, and finishes with the finale on Thursday 18 January iRead – starts the first week of December

Where? The E.C. Read’n Summer Reading Programme is available at all our PNCLCS libraries:  Central, Ashhurst, Awapuni, Roslyn and Te Patikitiki. iRead is run at the Central and Ashhurst Libraries.

How do I participate? There are over 600 places available – however, our reading programmes are so popular we can have more people register than we have space for. This means that everyone who registers between 30 October and 12 November is entered into a ballot. We will contact all those who are successful with further details on the programme. 

Want to know more? Contact Rhonda Chenery, Children’s Programme Coordinator Email: rhonda.chenery@pncc.govt.nz 
Phone 351 4100 ext 7379

Te Reo Programme. We are excited to offer a Te Reo programme. Please contact Nuwyne Te Awe Awe Mohi on 351 4100 or email nuwyne.teaweawe@pncc.govt.nz for more information.

Multilingual Report- in options Following on from last year’s successful pilot, we are offering the following multi-lingual report-in options this year – Mandarin, French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Thai and Korean. These report-ins allow children to share their reading experiences in a language with which they identify.

iRead – Intermediate Reading Programme This programme is for children aged 11 – 13 years and requires them to write short book reviews. For every three reviews completed, they can select one new book as a reward. Some of these are the latest titles and it is possible to earn up to five new books over the programme.

We are extremely grateful to the Eastern and Central Community Trust for funding this programme.


Summer Reading Kids