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Manawatū Heritage kiosk launch

Our Heritage team launched their Manawatū Heritage kiosk at the Te Pātikitiki Community Library on August 22 and it was a huge success!

Manawatu Heritage Kiosk Launch

The kiosk has been a whirlwind two month project for the team. The kiosk is an easy gateway to the Manawatū Heritage site and provides users, content in a really easy form. The two month project saw the team partner with STORYBOX, a creative studio that specialises in finding innovative ways to connect with audiences, to create the kiosk.

“You’re provided with nicely curated options, says team member Heather Glasgow. “You make your selection and get a set of related images with that keyword.”

A big red button starts the whole process. If a photo interests you, just give it a ‘like’. Users can tap in their email address, a link then gets sent to their inbox directing them to the images home within the Manawatū Heritage site. 

“Our potential audiences for the kiosk are limitless; we want to transport Manawatū Heritage to exciting and unusual places. The kiosk is constantly being updated, that’s a really cool feature about it, and we can tailor content that is relevant to wherever we go.”

If you’d like to have the kiosk at your community living room, school, business or event get in touch with Heather Glasgow on 06 351 4100 or heather.glasgow@pncc.govt.nz