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Creativity and kinship combine to create colourful mural

Youth Space’s identity is now encapsulated in a collaborative mural project produced by local youth.

Starting in June, 10 – 12 teens worked together with UCOL students and local artist Gemma Farrell (aka Gembol) to create a design concept. The design was workshopped using UCOL technology over a number of weeks prior to applying colour to the walls. 

“The outside of Youth Space’s building was once dull grey and didn’t reflect the excitement, vibrancy and creative energy taking place within the Youth hub,” says Remy Waldteufel – Irvine, PNCC Student City Coordinator.

Now, the building features an ethereal green DJ, piano keys lining the bottom of large window panes and an elaborate cherry blossom tree that extends to the ceiling of the footpath representing growth and belonging. 


“There has been lots of positive feedback from the community” says Waldteufel – Irvine. And “The youth involved spoke of a sense of belonging and being connected to their peers. It wasn’t solely about learning new techniques per se, but about kinship and those connections.

“This project challenged our youth in a positive way, part of that was learning how to give and take constructive criticism. Our youth are talented and creative and it’s awesome to see them channel their creativity through projects like this. 

Youth Space lead by Council’s Youth Services team and located in Coleman Mall, is an inviting hub for teens to find inspiration, be creative, socialise and equip themselves with tools and skills to help them live life to the full. 

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