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Co-Lab launch party!

Join the team at Youth Space for the Co – Lab Launch Party on August 26.

Co Lab Launch Party Fun

Youth Space are calling all high school students to join them for a fun, interactive ‘Launch Party’ that will see ideas for future events, activities and projects shared and discussed - an exciting, open conversation over pizza you just can’t miss!

As a Co – Lab crew member youth will learn loads of new skills on how to action their ideas and collectively create something awesome.

 “Our youth are talented kids, we want to work alongside them and involve them in the event/project organising aspect. It’s not just about getting our youth to attend events, we want to work collaboratively with them and bring their ideas to life.”  Tara Black, Senior Youth Services Coordinator says.

The number of kids that come through Youth Space has been steadily increasing over the last six months, with an average of 6000 youth walking through Youth Space’s doors. July was an exceptionally busy month, with a whopping 7771 youth passing through the creative hub.

“I’ve been working at Youth Space for six years now. You see the progression of these kids through high school, and some of them even come back after leaving high school to visit. It’s a really awesome place.”

More details on the Co – Lab launch party! Fun for everyone!