Oops! My items are Overdue!

Oops! My items are Overdue!

When you sign up for a library card, you agree to do everything you can to return the things you borrow by the date they are due back. This is so we can fairly distribute access to every one of our members and so we can check that our items are still in good condition and fit to borrowed.

That’s why we charge ‘overdue fees’ when you are late. All adult cards can have up to $20 in fines owed before we block access to your card and you can pay these fees down any time you have spare change (although we will probably keep reminding you about it when you visit us). For children’s cards, we set the block limit at $10 so parents can look at paying some of the fees before the bill gets too big.

Click here for a full list of the Overdue charges for items at the libraries

If you’re having trouble paying off any accumulated fees, please have a discrete chat to a Service Guide on one of our desks. We can arrange for you to pay down your fees slowly over time, while still allowing you to borrow a few items when you visit.

If you lose your card or it is stolen, let us know as soon as possible so we can cancel it. If it is not cancelled you will have to pay any charges which may result from your card being misused.

One way to avoid fees is you know you will be a bit late, is to log in to your library account online and renew your items. This is easier for books and magazines – you can renew these twice, but harder for items that we charge a fee for you to borrow, like DVDs. A renewal for such an item would likely incur another borrowing charge. You can contact us to ask any questions about renewing your items.


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