Music, Movies & Games at the Library


Sound and Vision Zone

At Sound & Vision in the Central Library, you can borrow:

CDs – a range from classical to contemporary, from choral to jazz, country and blues. The latest albums from top ten artists, critically acclaimed gems, and back-list titles from established bands.

DVDs – new release movies and television series. The DVD selection also includes instructional videos on dance, theatre and musical instruments, music performances from opera to live concert videos, and performing arts documentaries.

Books and magazines – our collection of print materials includes rock biographies, learn to play books and scores, histories of music, film and performing arts, and the latest magazines from around the world.

Console Games: A big range of X-Box (360 and One) and Playstation (PS2, PS3 and PS4) console games including Skyrim, Crysis and Bioshock: Infinite, as well as classics and family games.

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Games at the library

There are lots of ways you can experience gaming at the Library. We have Playstation 2s for children’s gaming in the children’s area, a Nintendo Wii on the Mezzanine floor for anyone to have a go with, and XBox at the Youth Space on Coleman Mall. We also have a range of Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Playstation 4 and Xbox One games available for hire ($5 for one week).

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Make music in the library

Are you a seasoned performer or a complete beginner? Everyone is welcome to use the piano on the ground floor of the Central Library. You don’t even need to be a library member — just sit down and have a go.

There’s also a guitar available from the Main Desk and the Youth Space (and they’ve also got ukuleles!) Then there’s the Kaosillator which is a dynamic phrase synthesizer, and the Monotribe, an analogue synthesizer which lives in Sound & Vision, on the ground floor of the central library.

We host frequent performances from rock ensembles to choirs, so if sitting back for a listen is more your thing you’re more than welcome to take a seat and simply enjoy the music.

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Record your own music in the Beatbooth

Beatbooth is the library’s very own recording studio, perfect for making demos. It’s a DiY environment – we give you the keys to the room and you’re underway (well, kind of). We have an iMac running Garageband. There are microphones and an M-Box so you can get your beats and sounds into the software. We’ve even got a Midi keyboard plugged in and ready to go. There’s a headphone splitter (and headphones) so you can check your levels and balance and mix as you go, and before your mix down. You can burn your tracks to CD or just put them on a USB drive. There’s even a cheat-sheet to get you started quickly.

How much? $5 an hour.
Who? Anyone who’s a library member. Bring your card and some photo ID.
Results? Perfect.



Why does the library sometimes have to restrict access?

Sometimes, library staff may refuse to issue a DVD or CD to you – even if you are older than the restricted age listed on the cover. There is a very important reason this happens.

Under New Zealand law (The Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act 1993) the library could be fined $25,000 if we allow a restricted item to be issued to someone who is under age. The individual staff member faces a fine of $10,000 or a three month prison term. These penalties can also be enforced if we allow someone who is of age to take out a restricted item if we suspect they might supply it to another person who is under age.

These restrictions are very similar to the how the New Zealand government regulates the sale of alcohol and it is done to reduce harm in our communities. We take our responsibilities under this act very seriously and we hope you would not be offended if we refuse service to you or a family member for these reasons.

You can read more at the website of the Office of Film and Literature Classification.

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The Kaossilator & Monotribe

Is creating electronic music your thing? Come along to Sound & Vision and try out the Kaossilator or Monotribe. You’ll be making electronic music in no time.

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These devices can create a huge range of blips, beeps, awoogas, badaboom-chas and other electronic music effects. You can put them on a continuous loop and tune them to different keys and scales to create your own dance track.

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