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Waitangi Day Hashtag Campaign

Help create a new Archive

This year marks the celebration of the 174th year since Te Tiriti o Waitangi – the Treaty of Waitangi – was signed. It was first commemorated in 1934 but did not become a public holiday until 1974. Today it is recognised as New Zealand’s national day and a time to reflect on the Treaty.

Due to the later establishment of Palmerston North in 1870 the City Archives does not hold any original primary documents that link to the history of the Treaty. We’d like to take steps to rectify this lack of resources.

We are beginning a new project, one that will strive to create a living history of what the Treaty means to us today. You can come to the library to record messages for the future, create art or you can send us your photographs of what you did on New Zealand’s national day.


If you have an Instagram or Twitter account, just use the hashtag


and we will collect your photos for the archive. Alternatively, you can email your pictures to the Research & Archives team.

The only rule, is that photos must be taken on Waitangi Day and must show in some way what the day means to you, whether that’s a solemn day of reflection or a chance to get together with family at the beach.

After Waitangi day, we’ll put up a digital display of some of our favourite contributions. Happy snapping!

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