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Who let the Librarians out?

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We want to spend more time helping you. Whether that’s helping you find new authors or teaching you how to build your C.V. the city’s librarians want to be there to help.

To do this, we’re implementing a new kind of self-service. It’s based on RFID technology and allows for faster, bulk checking in and out of library items.

It means that you can be in control – of checking out your own items (all in one go!) and of paying your own fees and charges.

It means that Library staff will always be here to help you. They’ll be more visible in the library itself and will show you how to use the much simpler new machines.

Love your Library Card!

Your library card is a powerful thing. It gives you the ability to explore the pathways of the world right inside your library.

You’re going to need to use it with our new machines so pop in to see us to get it replaced for free if you’ve lost it. You can also use one of the apps mentioned below if you prefer not to carry your library card with you.

Optional cool new tools

RFID self-service also means we can move into the world of apps. You can save your library card in one of these apps and use your phone to scan your card at a new self-service machine.

Two apps that are compatible are ‘Stocard’ and ‘Key Ring’

Click here to learn about Stocard’s Android app
Click here to learn about Key Ring’s Android app

Click here to learn about Stocard’s iOS (Apple) app
Click here to learn about Key Ring’s iOS (Apple) app

Click here to learn about how to install the apps

When is this all happening then?

Friday, June the 26th is the day this will begin changing although we’ll be installing things all through the week and you may even get to play with a new machine before then.

Remember, Library Staff will be on hand to show you what to do – and there will be more of us around to help you explore your library pathways.

Other Links

Read a press release on the Palmerston North City Council Website

Visit the ‘How Stuff Works’ website to learn more about how RFID technology works

Download a PDF document of some Frequently Asked Questions

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