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Consultation on Draft Annual Plan now open

What’s in the plan regarding the Library?

The City Library and Community Services has put RFID forward as a new programme for the 2014/2015 Annual Plan.

What is RFID?
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is an internationally recognised, automated collection (e.g. books, AV items) handling technology standard that enables libraries to redistribute their staff and resources from backroom, manual, transactional tasks (e.g. returns, sorting) to direct engagement with users and the community. This technology has many applications in the retail and transportation industries and is considered a mainstream library technology.

An RFID system uses passive radio tags in library materials (e.g. a book) and an active receiver to identify those items. This is the same technology used with modern passports and farmers’ NAIT systems. It eliminates the present requirement for line-of-sight barcode scanning of library materials, streamlining and automating many processes throughout the unit. The efficiencies realised from RFID will enable City Library & Community Services to devote more resources towards strategic objectives. The implementation of RFID is also critical to the ability of the Unit to realise the full potential of the change and restructure.

What will RFID Do?
•  Allow staff to spend less time on collections management and more time on service to the public.
•  Update an end-of-life, failing system.
•  Enable members of the public to engage in more self-service tasks (similar to self-service stations at the airport).
•  Automate, improve and make more efficient the entire collections management processes to increase the access of library collections.
•  Allow City Library and Community Services take advantage of technology developments and to keep pace with current standards in library services and technology.

Have an opinion?
Consider making a submission to the annual plan process by April 22, 2014.

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