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ANZAC Day Remembrance Memorial

April 23 - 27 in the Square


ANZAC Day Services

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For five days the ANZAC Day Remembrance Memorial will occupy a special spot in the Square. The staff of Palmerston North City Council donated their time over the course of two days to make and install the memorial, which was completed on Thursday afternoon 23 April 2015. The project was also supported by some generous contributions by local organisations as well.

Each of the crosses represents a name on the Cenotaph. One thousand one hundred poppies were also made for the public to place on each of the crosses. These will be available on-site over the course of Friday and Saturday.

Project Coordinator Evan Greensides has been part of the project from inception. “We wanted to do something special to mark this important occasion” says Evan. “We also wanted to involve as many people as possible, and inviting staff to donate their time to something like this just seemed like a good idea. Over one hundred people took us up on the opportunity. We also got members of the public helping out when they saw what we were doing. People seemed to be able to relate the scale of the project to the tremendous cost families across the city and around the country bore in the name of democracy and freedom. To see it represented in this way helps us understand that”.

The memorial will be in place over ANZAC weekend, and will be set down next Tuesday 28 April 2015. The crosses will then be stored at the Central Library and will shortly be available for people to borrow for their own centennial commemorative initiatives. “The World War One Centenary runs until 2018”, says Evan. “There will be many more occasions to commemorate throughout that time. Making these crosses available for loan is another way to extend the goodwill this project has enjoyed. More information about loaning centennial crosses will be available from our website shortly”.


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