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Our New Website

“The time has come,” the Library said,
“To talk of many things:
Of sites and maps and website hits –
Of tablets, phones, and pings…”
– Not Lewis Carroll

Home Page screen grab

Today, the Palmerston North City Library launched a new website and catalogue interface to complement our new hours and organisational structure.

The new website is a big, bold statement about who we are and what we’re about which features the sights and textures of our art collection and design elements of our unique, award winning building.

The redesign is from the ground up and means that browsing the website on a tablet or a mobile phone will be heaps easier because the site is designed to move dynamically and change size depending on what size screen it’s being viewed on.

The new catalogue interface – Enterprise – offers a greatly improved user experience. It can now perform all the tasks we need it to – like making multiple reserves after logging in only once, better and less confusing search functionality and easy to find new titles lists right on the home page.

As always, we welcome any feed back about our new site Рjust fill out this Contact us form.

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