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Victoria Esplanade Digital History Walk Map

Victoria Esplanade Digital History Walk Map

This resource is an introduction to using GPS coordinates to find locations on a map. It will also reveal a little history of the early Victoria Esplanade and Fitzherbert bridges.

You will need:

  1. A smartphone or tablet with a data connection to the internet
  2. A QR code reader app for your phone or tablet (there are many free ones from device app stores)
  3. A map app for your phone or tablet (most have a built in one that will work fine)

Type the GPS Latitude and Longitude number coordinates (exactly as you see printed on the sheet) into your map app search bar. The – (minus) . (dot) , (commas) and spaces all matter when typing them in.

Head off in search of the place shown on your map app by the co-ordinates.

Scan the QR Codes on the map to reveal a historic picture of the area you’re searching for. How different is it today?

Mark the right spot on your printed map and then look for the next one. Can you find them all?

Please note:
This sheet is designed as a fun activity for families visiting the Esplanade. Some of the historic spots are near roads and others are near water so supervision of younger children is required.

Download a easy to print version of the Walk map resources here.

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