Book an Escape Room challenge

Book an Escape Room challenge

Our Library Escape Room scenarios place your team in a theme-based room (e.g. Mad scientist’s laboratory, ancient mansion or dungeon), and challenge you to escape from it within a time limit.
You will encounter clues, puzzles and physical problems to overcome. For example, you may have to find and decipher a code that opens a locked box or solve a riddle.  Some themes may require you to engage with technology in a novel or interesting way.

Escape Rooms are fun and encourage teamwork, communication and critical thinking.
Assemble a team, book a session and take on a challenge.

Ages 9 upwards
Families are welcome, older players are great at assisting with hints and suggestions for other members of the team.

Group Size
3-6 people (four participants is an ideal number).

Book in time slot online:
Most challenges take between 30 to 75 minutes

Central Library, Mezzanine Floor
Contact for more information

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