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The Book River Community Sculpture

Due to a fault in the first run of Haunui Press’ marvellous book – ‘Between Rivers’ the Palmerston North City Library has played host to a series of remarkable altered book art projects. Although the second run of the book was produced (and these faultless copies are on sale at local book retailers) it seemed such a waste to pulp the faulty editions. So a plan was hatched to turn these unsaleable items into fantastic pieces of art.

Haunui Book Sculptures (1)

Book Furniture

The library now has a lectern and a seat made from ‘Between Rivers’ copies (see above). The next project is rather more ambitious. The Book River Community-Created Sculpture is forming on a wall in the Sound and Vision area on the ground floor of the City Library and is being installed slowly and carefully throughout August and September this year. You can see the concept drawing for the finished piece at Haunui Press’ website and find contact information if you’d like to get involved.

Haunui Book Sculpture (2)

Getting the base layer started

Haunui Book Sculpture (3)

Some of the folded books ready for installation

Concept & Installation by: Bettina Anderson, David Lupton, Aaron Roberts & Emmanuel Yiannoutsos.

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