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CDs April 29, 2013

Kiwi hip-hop collective, offshoot of the Home Brew team.

Well-reviewed everywhere. Except here. Not my cup of tea, sorry.

Now that’s more like it! An essential collection from the master of twang.

I like the colourful cover. Can’t tell you any more than that, I’m afraid.

The original crazy man of rock’n’roll (along with Little Richard, Chuck Berry, T-Bone Walker, etc…)

So much Ramones in this set, it’s a Ramoverload.

Abundant extras from your favourite Deep Purple album (apart from Shades of Deep Purple, Deep Purple in Rock, Fireball, and The Battle Rages On, of course.)

Roger Waters shows us what he did on his holiday from Pink Floyd. Quite a lot, as it turns out.

Triple album from a spell-check-phobic Canadian/Ethiopian guy. Apparently Katy Perry was at his debut show in London, so that’s all I need to know.

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