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CDs April 10, 2013

Isla in the stream, that is what she is… More country goodness from the Kiwi Queen of Country!

You’d think it’d be tricky to get a good sound out of a silver violin, but Nicola Benedetti manages it superbly. Watch out for her next album – the strontium tuba.

Kiwi bloke channels 50s and 60s musical vibes and hits it big overseas.

Kiwi bloke channels 50s and 60s musical vibes and hits it big overseas. Oh wait, I’ve used that line already…

This is a picture of the band Paramore, from the front cover of their new album called Paramore. They’re Paramore-ish! You just can’t get enough of them.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club may not be able to spell ‘spectre’ correctly but hopefully they still know how to rock.

A tidy reissue of the Barcelona album that did pretty well back in the day.

Gerry O’Connor plays banjo on this one! And the main guy’s not too bad either, I’m told. But… Gerry O’Connor!

I’ve always found their mode a little depeche-ing, but each to their own, right?

Kiwi duo doing the folk/country/pop thing. Recently played at the Bent Horseshoe, if I’m not mistaken. (edit: They play/played [depending on when you read this post] the Bent Horseshoe on April 20th, 2013.) Have you signed up to the Horseshoe’s mailing list yet? Come on, do it! Follow the link above.

Don’t know too much about Rhian, but I think he’s done some work with local hero Module at some point. Yes, that was just blatant promotion for Module, but he’s a Palmy boy so it’s allowed.

Nice album cover from Kurt Vile. Hopefully that means it’s a good album.

Maddy P returns with an album of principally Ray Charles covers, but hallelujah, there’s a Warren Zevon song in the mix too! She’s got taste.

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