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Record your own music in the Beatbooth

Beatbooth is the library’s very own recording studio, perfect for making demos. It’s a DiY environment – we give you the keys to the room and you’re underway (well, kind of). We have an iMac running Garageband. There are microphones and an M-Box so you can get your beats and sounds into the software. We’ve even got a Midi keyboard plugged in and ready to go. There’s a headphone splitter (and headphones) so you can check your levels and balance and mix as you go, and before your mix down. You can burn your tracks to CD or just put them on a USB drive. There’s even a cheat-sheet to get you started quickly.

How much? $5 an hour.
Who? Anyone who’s a library member. Bring your card and some photo ID.
Results? Perfect.


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