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Library Press Display has changed it’s name to PressReader.

PressReader continues to provide free instant access to 5000 plus newspapers and magazines, from 100 countries in 60 languages on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
As well as current issues, there is an archive dating back 90 days.

New features offered with Press Reader are interactive tables of content, foreign language translation (in 17 different languages) social sharing, text-to-voice conversion, and a PressReader app where you can download and read magazines and newspapers in a format specially designed for your mobile device.

You can access PressReader using your Web Browser on your phone, tablet, computer or laptop by clicking on the PressReader link on our Website, and entering your library card and PIN number when prompted. This will allow you 48 hours of free access to PressReader without having to re-login again.

A PressReader HotSpot box will appear at the beginning of each session. Click on Select Publication or close the box to access PressReader.


Please note:
Do not be concerned if you see ‘Complimentary access: x days, xx hours left’ with the days/hours decreasing. It will reset.

If PressReader asks you for money, you are no longer recognised as a Library member, and you will need to login again using your library card and PIN number.

A PressReader Hotspot is indicated by a green cup on the top of the screen and shows when you are successfully connected to the Library’s PressReader Hotspot.


Access Press Reader here

Read more about how to use Press Reader here

Watch video tutorials on PressReader here 


PressReader App

Download the PressReader app for Apple and Android devices from the Apple app store or Google Play store

If you’re in the range of the Palmerston North City Libraries’ free wi-fi network, the PressReader app becomes a “Hot Spot” and you can download newspapers or magazines through the app for free and read them offline wherever you choose.

Free downloads with the PressReader app only work if you use the PressReader app within the Palmerston North City Libraries’ free wi-fi network.

But you can access PressReader anytime using your Web Browser on your phone, tablet, computer or laptop.

PressReader Android user guide

PressReader Apple user guide

PressReader account

Creating a PressReader account is optional, but it enables you to choose your favourite titles, setup alerts for when new issues arrive, bookmark articles and download newspapers and magazines for offline use through the PressReader app.

1. Click on the head icon in the top right-hand corner
2. Click on New User
3. Type in your email address, name and password and click on Done.

Please note when signing into your PressReader account use only your email and password. Currently you can not sign in using your Social Media or Library Card options.


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