Our Mission

To inspire people to explore the pathways to the world : Te Ara Whanui o Te Ao

Search throughout this website and you’ll see the phrase “…explore the pathways of the world…” You’ll hear our team say it a lot!  That’s because it’s what we want you to do.   It’s not called The Living Room of City for nothing. It’s the Living Room – the room for living.

We provide information, literary and digital resources our community enjoy, in awesome library places.  We also run great events and programmes.  But we like to think of ourselves as part of an engaged, inspired, participatory community.  Our work is in the community, and the community is our Living Room.  You’ll find us at your local library, but you’ll also find us in community spaces and places.

Here’s what we aim to do….

Te Ara Whanui o Te Ao – To inspire people to explore the pathways of the world.

In a nutshell we’re all about:

  • Access to information, ideas and works of imagination
  • Support for lifelong learning
  • Enabling online access to the digital world
  • Community engagement and participation

Great space.  Great place.  Great people.  Great community.  Pretty cool really!

Vision & Strategy